Abington Township, PA Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

Abington, Pennsylvania is one of the oldest communities in Montgomery County. Remarkably, it is a town that has retained its strength, vitality, and beauty.

The only thing capable of diminishing one’s enthusiasm with this town is to be involved in an unemployment compensation dispute therein.

Thankfully, an Abington unemployment compensation lawyer, attorney, or consultant may be able to elevate the stress of this process and help ensure favorable results.

Are You Currently Involved in an Abington Unemployment Compensation Dispute?

Abington employers who have terminated employees on the basis of inadequate performance or acts of misconduct are likely to face an unemployment compensation claim.

Employers are required to contribute to a State and Federal unemployment compensation fund that distributes benefits to eligible employees upon separation from their employment. Every time a former employee withdraws from this fund, its reserves become gradually depleted. Once an employer’s fund has been exhausted, the employer will be assessed a crippling tax to replenish the funds.

This tax may be as high as 9% of the wages paid; and the employer will be expected to pay this tax for a total of four years. To illustrate: if a business has four employees who are paid $25,000 a year, it may be expected to pay $9,000 a year for a total of four years. Realizing that such a business could stand to lose $36,000, means a great deal rides on the success of your unemployment compensation hearing.

An experienced Abington unemployment compensation lawyer also recognized the threat that your business suffers, but is equipped with the requisite experience and confidence to calmly walk you through this process.

Abington Employees Facing an Unemployment Compensation Dispute…

Abington employees who have been initially denied unemployment benefits must realize that this decision is by no means final.

You have the right to appeal this decision and present the merits of your case. Assuming your appeal is timely, it will be heard in front of a referee in an unemployment compensation hearing. The referee is the judge of this hearing and will determine whether you will be awarded benefits.

Although the referee’s decision may also be appealed, no new evidence will be considered after the hearing. This means that if you do not comply with the Modified Rules of Pennsylvania Evidence, very strong proof in support of your claim will not be made part of the record. If this proof is not part of the record, you will not only lose at the hearing, but you will lose on appeal as well.

An Abington unemployment compensation attorney, lawyer, or consultant will ensure that your evidence meets the technical requirement of the law.

Abington Employers Facing an Unemployment Compensation Dispute…

Abington employers who are notified by the Department of Labor that their former employee has been awarded benefits may appeal this initial determination. However, the law places rigid timelines on this right to this appeal.

Depending on the attending circumstances of the separation, the employer may have the burden of proving why the employee should not receive benefits at the appeal hearing.

In order to meet this burden, you must insure that your evidence meets very specific evidentiary requirements. If your evidence does not meet the requirements of law, you will not be able to meet your burden. If you do not meet your burden, your former employee is automatically entitled to benefits. To add insult to injury, the evidence that you would have loved to present at the hearing will not be considered on any further appeal.

An unprepared employer may lose a hearing in fewer than 15 minutes simply by not retaining adequate legal representation.

Don’t let your otherwise valid claim fail because of a technicality. Retain the services of a seasoned Abington unemployment compensation lawyer today.

How To Find The Right Lawyer, Attorney, or Consultant For Your Unemployment Compensation Claim…

Do not represent yourself in a disputed unemployment compensation hearing without first speaking to an attorney whom you trust.

The law is far too nuanced and unforgiving to risk “winging it.”

Utilizing the service, counsel, and expertize of Steven Auerbach and The Auerbach Firm will be of tremendous benefit in your Abington Township unemployment compensation dispute.

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