The Problem:

We believe there are two sides to every story. For employers, we offer a variety of services to help advise businesses that are looking to improve their legal defenses and create operating procedures that mitigate litigation risk with regards to employee and ex-employee claims.

Businesses facing unemployment compensation claims in the greater Philadelphia area can take advantage of the legal protection and expertise that an unemployment consultant brings to the table to help protect their interests. Whether large or small, businesses that are looking to minimize the number and severity of unemployment claims can take advantage of our expertise to understand the legislation surrounding employment issues.

Those employers that tackle head on the potential risks that unemployment compensation claims pose to their businesses find that they spend less time defending themselves in unemployment-related hearings and more time maximizing the profitability of their businesses. By minimizing the risks of costly unemployment compensation claims before they occur, employers can focus on growth and productivity. For employers already facing an unemployment claim, we can help try to minimize those costs by providing tireless advocacy and maximum legal protection both in and out of the courtroom.