Haverford, PA Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

Haverford Pennsylvania is a place where the residents are proud to be from. They’re used to walking around with their head’s up. Nothing to do with ego, but with pride.

They understand that they live in a special place. A great town that covers land in both Delaware County as well as Montgomery County. An upper class neighborhood. An area where people work hard, and understand the true value of a dollar.

As a college town this place is awash with both people who have established a strong base in the town, much like the first 3 Quaker families did here in 1682. This is mixed with young adults who are learning to understand the ethical standards of Haverford as they gain their hard earned education. It’s also a town of wealthy professionals. The mix works out well for the community.

Obviously education is big in this town, and that’s quite prevalent when driving on Lancaster Highway, passing the ‘The Harverford School”…the esteemed college prep school for boys. One gets a sense that values, principles, and discipline are driven hard into the residents here. Looking around the town somehow shows that.

But that all becomes quite mute when one is struggling with a Haverford unemployment compensation dispute.

Disputing an Unemployment Compensation Claim in Haverford?

Both sides of an unemployment compensation dispute understand the headache and frustration of trying to either receive unemployment benefits owed as an employee, or trying to block those benefits as an employer.

In either situation, much time and effort is utilized on this dispute. It’s an unfortunate event, which tends to place a great deal of stress on both parties. Therefore the faster both parties get the final determination of the Labor Department for the disputed Haverford Unemployment Compensation the better for all involved.

For Employers Seeking to Block Undeserved Unemployment Benefits for Haverford Employees…

Employers often must dispute a claim due to the fact that an employee didn’t leave under the correct circumstances to receive benefits. Employers must pay unemployment benefits, and therefore when an employee collects, it plainly becomes a burden on the employers business . Of course an ethical business owner does what is right when an employee must be released through no fault of their own.

However this is not always the case. Many times ex-employees will try to collect even when not deserved. If an employee is fired from your company, or quits on their own behalf, and gains unemployment compensation, then as an employer you now have the burden to prove the reasons why the employee should not receive those benefits.

Once the employee is granted unemployment compensation in the first stages of applying through the service center, and you disagree, you have a limited time to appeal this decision.

It is at this time that the employer and employee will appear together in front of a ‘referee’ who will then take into consideration any and all evidence. This is also the time that the employer must come prepared with all the necessary evidence that they can obtain to successfully dispute the claim.

Many employers at this point turn to an unemployment compensation attorney to direct them through the process. Going in alone is never ideal, simply because there are many facets to the unemployment system and laws. This is the employers one and only chance to showcase all the evidence that they have gathered.

For Employees Disputing a Haverford Unemployment Compensation Claim When Initially Denied…

Often when an employee applies for unemployment benefits either by phone with a clerk at the service center…or online… they will initially be denied if the circumstances of their being unemployed is not cut and dry.

Many wrongly believe that this was their one and only chance at receiving unemployment compensation. However the truth is that an employee actually has a chance (with limited time) to appeal that decision.

The next step in the process, as stated above is the hearing before a referee. The referee will hear both sides. If an employee has quit, it is then on them to supply proof that the working conditions were not acceptable.

Of course the laws are very specific to what they consider unacceptable. This is why this is the time to obtain the services of a unemployment compensation attorney. Having all the right evidence, and being able to give compelling and sufficient evidence is the key in gaining the benefits that an employee feels they deserve.

What Happens When the Referee Makes Their Determination…

Once the referee has made their determination, either party has yet another chance to appeal that decision as well. This is when the case goes to a Board who then looks at all of the evidence and the transcripts of the previous hearing. They will then make the final determination of the dispute based on the evidence already provided.

The next step is taking the case to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

Increasing Your Chances of Winning Your Unemployment Compensation Dispute Depends Greatly On Your Representation…

The process of getting or blocking unemployment benefits can be a lengthy and frustrating one. There are many laws and facets of the process that can make it quite overwhelming for either party.

Frankly many nonspecializing attorney’s do not know all of the ins-and-outs of the process. This is why it’s very important that you are represented by an attorney that thoroughly understands the process.

Steve Aurbach is experienced and specializes in unemployment compensation cases. He has taken many successfully through the process with the results that they wanted when they hired him for representation.

Mr. Aurbach will fight on your behalf using his knowledge of the process and the laws that surround the process. If you’re an employee who deserves the unemployment benefits that you’ve been denied, he will utilize all proof and evidence to get you those benefits.

If you’re an employer who’s looking to block an employee from gaining undeserved unemployment benefits, Mr. Aurbach will gather and compile all the evidence to assist you in keeping that from happening. This will save you time, money, and an increase in unemployment insurance rates.

Contact Steven Auerbach today for your Haverford unemployment compensation dispute. Time is of essence.