Horsham Township PA Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

Horsham is one of the most celebrated towns in Pennsylvania. The low crime rate, excellent schools, and the picturesque community make Horsham a great place to live and operate a business.

While this is certainly one blissful community, there are times when its happiness is challenged. One such time is when one of its employees or employers face an unemployment compensation claim.

A Horsham unemployment compensation lawyer or attorney should be contacted when facing such a claim.

Frustrated with the Horsham PA Unemployment Compensation Process and Need Representation?

Unemployment compensation cases are often frustrating. When an employee is terminated without fault, he may come to rely on unemployment benefits to feed his family or pay a mortgage. Similarly, an employer who has let an incompetent or disruptive employee go runs the risk of further disruption by defending against a meritless claim.

Employment lawyers from Horsham understand the difficult nature of this process and are equipped to handle the technical aspects of your case.

Essential Information for Employers Trying to Block Former Employees from Receiving Unemployment Compensation…

Horsham employers have the right to contest initial determinations affecting their tax liabilities. Appeals to this decision will be heard at an unemployment compensation hearing.

At the hearing, the employer will have the opportunity to present compelling evidence as to why it should not be forced to pay unemployment benefits.

The hearing is subject to highly technical rules of evidence and procedure. It is also the employer’s last opportunity to have meaningful and relevant evidence taken into consideration. That having been said, if the evidence at the time of the hearing is in any way not in compliance with the technical demands of the law, it will not be taken into consideration.

The failure to comply with evidentiary standards is the leading cause for losing unemployment compensation hearings.

These rules are by no means intuitive and often require a Horsham unemployment compensation attorney, lawyer, or consultant to ensure compliance.

For Employees In Horsham, PA Trying to Collect Unemployment Compensation…

More often than not, Horsham employers are represented by an attorney. Shouldn’t you as well?

Level the playing field. Retain a Horsham, PA unemployment compensation lawyer or consultant to plead your case.

Contact Steven Auerbach to Assist You In Obtaining Your Horsham Unemployment Compensation Benefits…

Steven Auerbach has a remarkable success rate for helping employees and employers win their disputes.

This is directly attributable to his extensive knowledge and experience in appealing Horsham, PA unemployment compensation cases.

Utilize Auerbach’s knowledge and experience for your Horsham unemployment compensation claim.

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