Lower Merion, PA Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

Those who work in or own businesses in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, have great reason to be proud of this town.

Lower Merion was settled in 1682 by Welsh Quakers. The settlers worked hard to survive and built a town that has thrived for over 2 centuries.

As anyone can attest, they built things to last: the Merion Friends Meeting House (founded in 1682) is the second oldest in the Country.

Working hard is the standard of Lower Merion. Residents understand the value of a dollar, and the principles necessary for continued livelihood.

The same is said for the business owners of this township. Working hard and serving the community in the best light possible is where businesses shine.

However, even a great area like Lower Merion can seem to lose its vibrancy for those facing an unemployment compensation hearing.

Employees without adequate representation likely feel anxious and lost. Similarly, employers facing unemployment compensation hearings likely feel an overwhelming and inescapable frustration.

A seasoned Lower Merion unemployment compensation lawyer, attorney, or consultant may be able to make the process easier.

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If You’re a Business Owner in Lower Merion Facing an Unemployment Compensation Hearing…

Often, employees quit their positions and assume automatic entitlement to unemployment benefits. While the employee may, under very certain circumstances, be eligible for benefits- this is the exception, not the rule.

Often, an employer will need to dispute the basis behind the employee’s voluntary quit or termination.
If an employee receives seemingly undeserved benefits, the employer has a limited window of opportunity to appeal this decision.

The appeal is heard before a referee at a hearing. Depending on the basis of the separation, the employer bears the burden of establishing why the employee should not receive the benefits.

Once a decision has been reached at the hearing, either party has the right to appeal to the board. Both parties have the right to be represented by a lawyer, attorney, or consultant. There is also a very limited time for this appeal.

Because of the complicated nature of this process, employers are urged to contact a Lower Merion unemployment compensation attorney. Success is often predicated on selecting the right Lower Merion unemployment compensation lawyer or consultant as this may increase an employer’s probability of blocking undeserved benefits.

Employees in Lower Merion Who May Be Eligible for Unemployment Compensation…

Sadly, employers will often attempt to wrongfully deny their former employees from receiving unemployment benefits. Generally, the employer feels a sense of betrayal for the reasons surrounding the separation.

This will result in delayed income. In fact, many employees facing this situation believe that their luck has run out. Thankfully, this is not true.

Once unemployment compensation benefits in Lower Merion have been denied, the employee has a limited time to file an appeal. The case is then presented to a referee at a hearing. During which time, the referee hears the details of the dispute and then makes a ruling. The outcome of the hearing is largely determined on the believability of the testimony and the sufficiency of the evidence.

If the employee is denied benefits at the hearing, the determination may be appealed to the “Board.” As the hearing before the Referee is the last opportunity to introduce or exclude evidence from the record, it is highly recommended that all parties have a Lower Merion unemployment compensation lawyer or consultant represent you at the hearing.

It is of the utmost importance to understand how to present evidence in a way that enhances your credibility.

This is why many people decide to seek counsel and/or consultation when it comes to their unemployment compensation claim.

While you may still receive benefits during your appeal, you may have to repay this money if you loose your claim.

This is why it’s very important to consult with an employment lawyer or professional who fully understands the process and can help you win your case.

If You’re Appealing a Lower Merion Unemployment Claim, Then You’ll Want to First Consult With Steven Auerbach…

Steven Auerbach has successfully assisted clients in winning their Unemployment Compensation disputes. This can easily be attributed to his concrete understanding and experience with the process of appealing these cases, and providing solid and compelling evidence that the represented party is on the right side of the unemployment compensation laws and regulations.

With Steven’s knowledge of the process, you can be sure that he’ll represent and usher you through the appeals process smoothly, and very likely with winning results for you or your company’s claim. While there are no guarantees of success, Steven’s record of winning will stack the law in your favor.

His experience may put you on the right side of your unemployment compensation claim.

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