Norristown, PA Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

Norristown, Pennsylvania is a working class town. The people of Norristown understand what it takes to earn the money that supports them each month.

At one time, Norristown was known for its thriving manufacturing industry.

Although Norristown is no longer a manufacturing hub, the hard working culture is still an indelible part of this town.

As such, Norristown is an excellent place to live or operate a business.

The only thing that is capable of diminishing one’s happiness with this town is being involved in an unemployment compensation dispute.

Both former employers and employees equally experience extreme discomfort when faced with an unemployment compensation dispute. A Norristown unemployment compensation lawyer or consultant is the only saving grace to this dilemma.

Important Information for Norristown Employees Who Have Been Denied Unemployment Compensation Benefits…

Many people mistakenly believe that once their unemployment compensation claim has been denied, they will never be able to collect benefits. Thankfully, this is not the case. The initial determination is appealable, albeit the appeal must be filed in a timely fashion.

This appeal will likely take place in Norristown in front of a ‘referee’ who will evaluate the merits of the appeal. Your Norristown unemployment compensation lawyer, attorney, or consultant will articulately demonstrate that you were discharged by means not directly attributable to willful misconduct or that you were forced to quit because of compelling and necessitous conditions.

Although the referee’s decision is also appealable, the hearing may be your last opportunity to present evidence in support of your claim. This is why it is beneficial to be represented by a Norristown unemployment compensation attorney or consultant.

Such a legally trained advocate can guide you through this process, often with favorable results.

A lawyer or trained legal professional will increase your chances of winning your Norristown unemployment compensation dispute.

Information for Employers Trying To Block Unentitled Unemployment Benefits…

It is often required of Employers to contest a former employee’s claim for unemployment compensation benefits. Not only is this a business necessity, but it may be a legal imperative as well. This is especially true when the former employee is not technically entitled to receiving these benefits.

When a former employee is awarded benefits after their initial application, the employer is afforded a limited time to appeal this decision.
This appeal will take place in front of a referee in an unemployment compensation hearing.

Depending on the circumstances incident to the employee’s separation, the employer may have the burden of proving the employee’s ineligibility.

The proof used to meet this burden is subject to complicated procedural and evidentiary rules that if not met, will mean that the employee is entitled to benefits- even if he was the worst employee in the world!

An employer facing a hearing must be prepared for the former employee to be represented by counsel. This lawyer will often be aggressive and make those not familiar with the law extremely uncomfortable. If your business is not similarly represented, your evidence will likely vizierate after relentless hearsay or relevance objections.

As unemployment compensation cases are largely decided on the basis of credibility and evidentiary standards, an employer must use a skilled Norristown unemployment compensation lawyer, attorney, or consultant when challenging a hearing.

An attorney that understands the nuances of this process will increase your chances of winning this dispute.

Why Steven Auerbach Should Be Your First and Only Choice in Representation If You’re in an Norristown Unemployment Compensation Dispute.

Too often, those facing unemployment compensation disputes fail to consider the importance of choosing the right lawyer.

A skilled Norristown unemployment compensation lawyer will know the law, the procedural and evidentiary standards, and will be able to tailor your argument to the referee’s personal beliefs.

Steven Auerbach is an unemployment compensation consultant with a proven history of success- often with favorable results.

If you are facing a Norristown unemployment compensation dispute, let Steven Auerbach tip the law in your favor.

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