Do You Need Legal Help for a Personal Injury in Radnor, Pennsylvania?

Attorney Steven Auerbach understands the financial and emotional hardship of personal injuries. Workplace injuries can derail a person’s career and severely limit their lifetime earnings potential, but are often preventable. Perhaps you were hurt on the job in Radnor and filed for workers compensation benefits, only to have your employer brush you aside? If you were injured on the job in Radnor or the surrounding areas, as your lawyer, attorney Steven Auerbach will not only help expedite your workers compensation insurance claim, he will also identify the unsafe working conditions that may have led to your personal injury on the job in Radnor.

Traumatic brain injury is one common and devastating type of construction accident that is easily prevented by enforcing strict hard hat use areas and training workers on safe work practices. If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a construction accident or other personal injury in Radnor, a lawyer with experience in personal injury law in Montgomery County is your only assurance of fair treatment and the highest possible payout of your claims. Attorney Steven Auerbach has the talent, experience and dedication to pursue your Radnor claims to the fullest extent possible.

Did your employer fail to provide you or your coworkers with safety training or equipment that could have prevented your injury, or mitigated its severity? A skilled attorney can show how these important mistakes on the part of your boss may have directly led to your workplace injury in Radnor and the surrounding areas.

Personal injuries of all types, such as workplace injuries, construction accidents, and traumatic brain injury, can turn your world upside down. As your lawyer, attorney Steven Auerbach will work tirelessly to make sure that your injuries sustained in Radnor, Villanova, Tredyffrin Township, Strafford, or Ardmore are accorded just compensation by all responsible parties, giving you the highest level of payout for your personal injury claim.

Many assume that liability for workplace injuries is limited to injuries sustained, such as those resulting from construction accidents, but lawyers with experience know this is not the case. Certain chronic conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, may be caused by repetitive motions on the job. If your employer has failed to create a safe working environment in Radnor to carry out your duties or provides you with too few breaks, resulting in a repetitive stress injury, a Radnor lawyer with experience in workplace claims can get you the money you deserve.

If you reside in Radnor, Pennsylvania or the surrounding area and have suffered a personal injury such as a workplace injury, traumatic brain injury, or have been hurt in a construction accident, Attorney Steven Auerbach will fight for the compensation you deserve.

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