Springfield, PA Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

The streets of Springfield, Pennsylvania bubble over with kindness. Happy, warm, and welcoming faces act as welcome signs.

However, when there is a Springfield unemployment compensation dispute between an employer and an employee, matters quickly deteriorate.

In order to ensure the greatest possible chances of winning your unemployment compensation dispute, a Springfield unemployment compensation lawyer, attorney, or consultant should be retained.

Overwhelmed with the Springfield, PA Unemployment Compensation Process and Need an Attorney?

The unemployment compensation process is plagued with intricacies that are difficult even for the most experienced lawyer to handle.

An all too unfortunate consequence of the difficulties of this process is that many involved give up too quickly.

If only they were aware that an experienced Springfield employment lawyer or attorney was just a call away, their experience would be radically different.

Employees in Springfield, PA Attempting to Collect Unemployment Compensation…

A Springfield claimant who has initially been denied unemployment benefits may appeal this decision and plead his case before a referee at a hearing.

The referee will listen to the case and, based on your evidence and credibility, will render a determination.

The admissibility of your evidence is largely based on its conformity with existing rules of civil procedure and evidence. If your evidence is not in conformity with the rules, you will not win your case.

Following the hearing, you will not have the opportunity to present additional evidence. This means that if your evidence is not admitted at the hearing, not only will you lose your hearing, you will lose each appeal as well.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you consult with a Springfield unemployment compensation lawyer or attorney to insure that your evidence is sufficient to win your case.

For this reason an increasing amount of claimants retain an employment lawyer or attorney in Springfield to assist their unemployment compensation hearing.

What Springfield Employers Need to Know About The Unemployment Compensation Process…

Not only do unemployment compensation hearings mean a drain of time and resources, they also mean substantial tax increases.

The tax increases may be as high as 9% of the company’s previous four quarters of employment expenses. This tax increase remains in effect for four years. To illustrate: a company that last year had employment expenses in excess of $150,000 may be expected to pay $13,500 a year for the next four years. Putting it plainly, this employer must pay $54,000 because it lost its unemployment compensation hearing!

That having been said, employers cannot afford to lose their unemployment compensation hearing.

Retaining a Springfield employment lawyer is not only a good idea, it may be the most important business decision of the year.

Steven Auerbach to Help You Win Your Springfield Unemployment Compensation Dispute…

Steven Auerbach has an unsurpassed knowledge of the Springfield, PA unemployment compensation process.

Retaining Steven Auerbach means that your side of the dispute will be presented with clear and compelling evidence.

Contact Steven Auerbach today for your Springfield unemployment compensation claim.