Ridley, PA Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

As one drives down MacDade Blvd, through the heart of Ridley Township PA, one can’t help but take notice of this area.

Ridley is comprised of people who are genuinely concerned about their fellow’s welfare.

This is why many residents become concerned when they see their neighbor’s distress over an impending unemployment compensation hearing.

Fortunately, a Ridley unemployment compensation lawyer, attorney, or consultant who represents both claimants and employers may be the solution to this distress.

Are You Experiencing Problems with Ridley Township Unemployment Compensation and Need Legal Representation?

The unemployment compensation process is frustrating. Even for a lawyer- the rules, laws, and regulations are a source of confusion.

In fact, many claimants and employers do not know what steps to take to increase the likelihood of winning their hearing.

This is why a Ridley unemployment compensation attorney must be contacted before entering a contested hearing.

Ridley Employers Looking to Contest Unemployment Compensation…

Unemployment compensation taxes have the potential to be virtually unaffordable.

Employers pay state and federal taxes for the privilege of employing individuals in Pennsylvania. This tax funds an account from which eligible former employees collect benefits upon their termination. When employers lose their claim, their former employee will withdraw benefits from this fund. As the fund is gradually depleted, the employer will be assessed a solvency tax to replenish the funds.

This tax may be as high as 9% of the employers employment expenses and will be assessed for four years.

To illustrate: an employer with five employees who are each paid $30,000 a year- when this employer’s unemployment compensation fund is depleted due to losing its unemployment compensation hearing, it may be assessed a $13,500 a year tax. Meaning, this employer will have to pay $54,000 because it lost its unemployment compensation claim.

Many employers do not fully realize the ramifications of losing their hearing. If your company’s financial solvency is important to you, do not enter into a contested hearing without first speaking to a Ridley unemployment lawyer.

Ridley Employees Looking to Collect Unemployment Compensation…

Because employers have a strong incentive to fight the distribution of unemployment benefits, former employees quickly find themselves fighting an uphill battle.

As if the unemployment compensation process wasn’t difficult enough, claimants frequently have to plead their case while the employer’s lawyer intimidates them and twists their words.

The only way to level the playing field is to retain a Ridley unemployment compensation lawyer.

How to Win Your Ridley Unemployment Compensation Hearing…

Both employers and claimants may appeal initial determinations of eligibility, the decision reached at the hearing, the decision reached by the Board, and the decision reached by a Pennsylvania court. However, the most important part of this process is the hearing.

Your preparation for the hearing and the testimony that is elicited there will determine the outcome of this matter- even if the other side appeals the decision.

Because no new information will be considered after the hearing, you must make sure that you retain the right Ridley unemployment compensation lawyer who will ensure that your evidence complies with complicated rules of civil procedure.

If your evidence is not in compliance with rules of evidence and civil procedure, not only will you lose at the hearing, but you will lose on every appeal as well.

Do not wait until it’s too late. Speak to a qualified unemployment lawyer in Ridley today.

Steven Auerbach: The Solution for Your Ridley Unemployment Compensation Dispute…

Steven Auerbach has successfully achieved favorable decisions for both sides of unemployment compensation disputes.

This is attributed to his solid understanding and experience in appealing Ridley unemployment compensation cases. Steven Auerbach will present your side of the case with compelling evidence- showing clearly that you are on the correct side of the unemployment compensation laws and regulations.

Getting through this process smoothly is not easy. You need someone with Auerbach’s experience and expertise to get you through the complicated process.

Contact Steven Auerbach today for your Ridley unemployment compensation claim.