Upper Merion, PA Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

It’s hard to disagree that Upper Merion Township is not only a beautiful place to live, but it’s an excellent place to operate a business.

Similarly not in dispute is the difficult nature of winning an unemployment compensation hearing in Upper Merion.

Thankfully, an Upper Merion unemployment compensation attorney, lawyer, or consultant may be able to tip the law in your favor.

Legal Representation for an Upper Merion Unemployment Compensation Dispute…

One of the primary difficulties with the unemployment compensation process is that it is confusing.

It’s important for both parties to know that the initial decision of eligibility or ineligibility is not final. Both claimants and employers may appeal this decision as well as the decision reached in the subsequent hearing or decision reached by the Board.

Although these decisions are appealable by right, the appeal must be timely filed and be consistent with the rules of civil procedure.

A qualified Upper Merion employment lawyer will make sure that your appeal is in conformity with the technical demands of the law.

Employers Attempting to Prevent an Ex-Employee from Collecting Unemployment…

One of the many expenses of operating a business in Upper Merion is the paying of state and federal excise taxes that contribute to the employer’s unemployment compensation fund.

As former employees claim benefits from this fund, the employer will be assessed a solvency tax to replenish the funds.

This tax may be as high as nine percent of the company’s previous year’s labor costs and is assessed for four continuous years.

By way of illustration: if a company employs six employees who are each paid $30,000 a year- losing even one unemployment compensation claim may translate to a $16,200 a year tax or $64,800 over four years!

If your business is not equipped to handle these tax consequences, you should speak with an Upper Merion unemployment attorney today.

Upper Merion Employees Collecting Unemployment Benefits…

Upper Merion employees who find themselves recently employed frequently count on unemployment compensation for support while waiting for a new job.

Unfortunately, employers frequently fight these claims- so much of the perceived safety net is illusory.
However, not only are you allowed to fight your claim, but you are allowed to bring an employment lawyer from Upper Merion who will help ensure your rights.

What You Need to Know Before Retaining an Upper Merion Unemployment Compensation Lawyer, Attorney, or Consultant…

The unemployment compensation hearing is the most crucial step in the process.

The hearing is where both sides may be represented by an employment lawyer or non-legal representative.

Upper Merion claimants and employers who are represented by a lawyer or attorney recognize that the unemployment compensation process is riddled with complicated rules of evidence and civil procedure that if not met, mean that you will lose your claim.

Unemployment compensation hearings are won and lost on the party’s credibility and ability to conform their evidence to the appropriate legal standards.

An unemployment compensation attorney in Upper Merion will be able to articulately and competently advance your interests often with favorable results.

Contact Steven Auerbach for Your Upper Merion Unemployment Compensation Benefits…

Steven Auerbach consistently assists clients on both sides of unemployment compensation disputes.

His solid knowledge and experience in appealing Upper Merion unemployment compensation cases helps his clients achieve their goals.

When you obtain the services of Steven Auerbach, he will present your side of the case with solid persuasive proof and compelling evidence, demonstrating the correctness of your position.

Contact Steven Auerbach today for your Upper Merion unemployment compensation claim.